Friday, March 12, 2010

Hold Your Horses' Art-Savy Music Video

For those of you who've spent hours in an Art Appreciation class wondering "How is this going to enrich my life?", prepare to be enriched.

In the colorful new music video for their song "70 Million", French band, Hold Your Horses globbed on  some make-up and threw on a wig or two to re-enact scenes from many of the famous works of art we've grown to love... or scratch our heads at.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alex Jolicoeur Tries Chat Roulette

So, lately, everyone has been talking about that homespun website, Chat Roulette that was started by that Russian kid. (You know the one)

Well, if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, Chat Roulette is a new, fun, and usually creepy website sets people up from around the world for random video chat.

I was told beforehand, that while the site is oodles of fun, it’s mostly full of horndogs looking for girls to flash their boobs, creeps in masks, and random dudes with their yoinkers out on cam…

Buuut because I never listen to the talk of the town, I decided to figure out for myself, exactly what was keeping my friends locked in their rooms for hours at a time!

Right off the bat, I found some colorful new characters!

There are some folks who just want some random cheerful banter

It took no time for me to find a creep in the darkness


And a ghoulish man-chest.
The later it got, the more peens came out.

I even had an almost celebrity citing!!!
(such a fan)

But seriously, I actually did meet a lot of cool people and have several sweet conversations.

but you just can't let them get too far!

Then I found some real awesome heroes!

Who got me thinking... How could I get the most out of chat roulette??
Then I realized.. Costumesss!

BTW: I'm Scorpion, from Mortal Kombat, for those of you who know nothing about life.

Right away, I was recognised!

I even scared a few jabronies.

NOT surprisingly, many folks even wanted to BE me!!!

Though, some people didnt have a clue.

It didnt take long for me to make some enemies...

Some people thought I was a terrorist, and wanted me dead... like this hot mess, who just signed up for the marine corps.
I feel safer already!

But after hours of chat roulette, I was more confused than ever!
>> Why was it that no one I wanted to talk to, wanted to talk to me?

>> And why were old men on this site at 3:00 in the morning? I mean.. I'm a bored college kid with no life, shouldn't they have jobs to get up for in the morning??

>> And why on earth would anyone think that the Taliban are going to be using chat roulette to get their message out to the world?

"Oook.. I guess I'll just keep pressing F9 till I find one of my Jihad homies.."

"Hey! Whats up dude!"


But I dont judge!

(actually, I judge a lot)

In the end, I realized that despite all the obscene male nudity, chat roulette is a wonderful place where curious young minds and skeezy old creeps can meet to have unforgetable conversation!

If word gets out about this little jem, it might just put Chucky Cheese out of business!

The Monster site, itself:

good luck.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marion Cotillard in AnOther Magazine


This issue of AnOther magazine features an interview and photo spread of Public Enemies star,  Marion Cotillard.  In the fluxus inspired photo shoot, the beautiful French actress dons clothing by designers like Dior, Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Comme Des Garçon.

take a look.

Web site:
Photography: Craig McDean
Styling: Olivier Rizzo
Hair: Odile Gilbert at Exposure