Monday, August 10, 2009

H&M Goes Grunge for Fall 09'

This fall, H&M takes it's inspiration from the likes of Kurt Cobain and Kate Moss for a messy haired, wrinkled shirt homage to the 90's.

She Wolf

Shakira's back with all sorts of bone bending voo-doo magic in her bizarre new music video "She Wolf" and this time, the Colombian cuckoo's got enough crack-pipe weirdness to keep you entertained and have you scratching your head well after it's all over!

In the video, Shakira steps inside her closet and transforms into a leotard-wearing, heavy-breathing, caged she-wolf.

While I couldnt tell if Sharkira's neurotic gyrations and unnatural flexibility were the work of a professional dancer or of a hyperactive 8 year old, I was pretty impressed the entire three minutes and forty two seconds.

I believe Shakira is actually nuts after watching this video, but I say thank God for the crazy ones. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be able to look so normal. Take a look.

Clip | Shakira : She Wolf

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

La Roux

Right, so I'm quite literally watching this band on tele as I'm writing about them now!

I thought I'd write about La Roux with an English accent as an homage to their home country!

La Roux, lead by singer, Elly Jackson, just released their first singles this year, and is just about to finish their first North American tour!

I like La Roux (pronounced like "Magoo") because Elly seems like she's a smart girl, but also a secret bad girl! And that's always a good combo, right?

If you're well into the UK, androgyny, and wicked electropop, check out La Roux!

You can check out La Roux on their current tour or online at: