Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toy Story 3: It's Really Happening!! (Exclusive Clip)

I don't know about you, but practically foaming at the mouth in excitement for the new Toy Story!

Toy Story 3, which will be released simutaneously in  IMAX and regular theaters in 2010, takes place 10 years after the second one left off, and our old buddy Andy is older and getting ready for college!  

GET IT?!  CUZ WE'RE OLDER TOO!!!!  (Genius!)

Here's the official trailer and exclusive extended clip of the movie:

So what happens to all of Andy's toys when he leaves for school?  I know that, personally, all of my precious childhood memories hit the incinerator when I turned 20 got too old!

Will Buzz, Woody and the gang share the same fate as that demonic spider baby thing?  (vom) 

Or Will they find a way back into Andy's heart? (Awww-- that just made my heart melt <3)

Personally, I'm PRAYING that there will be at least a cameo by that twisted freak, Sid!  He's my favorite!  Because we all had a little "Sid" in us when we were younger!  You know he's now either a psychopathic murder or getting girls pregnant.

Either way, we know that Toy Story 3 will be a blast.... A blast from the paaast!

Look for Toy Story in theaters June 18th 2010!

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