Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have an American Apparel Spring!

Here are some of the cool, trendy clothes offered by our favorite trashy, trendy, hipster, fair trade store, American Apparel, this spring.

BTW: Please take note of the brightly colored sash! In the spirit of getting more bang for your buck, American Apparel actually found 10 different ways you can wear it and a wild assortment of materials you can purchase it in! NICE ONE!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Nike Ad's Are Awesome

The New(ish) Nike Ad's featuring some of today's talented athletes have reminded me just how awesome sand art is! Nike has decided to bring back their V for Victory track jackets and clothing and they've got this really cool ad campaign that features these here athletes getting knocked in the face by colored sand! Athletic!!

Check out the video, it's pretty cool.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celia Steps Out

WOW! Tonight was a crazy little episode of top model!
I'm trying to remember stuff about the photoshoots, but all I can remember is the ballsy move by Cyborg Celia at the end! I'll get to that! So first thing in the episode, Tahlia is alread opening her mouth to winge about her suckiness! I cant take it anymore!!! I wanted to jump into the TV screen and punch her in the back of the neck!! So I know I'm not being mean because everyone else in the model house feels the exact same way, even Owl girl!

Benny Ninja's bony self was on this episode... again.. teaching the girls how to pose. Whats new? So he brought the girls down to a swanky place on his side of town, AKA a drag club, where the models had to put on blonde wigs, walk down a runway and pose in front of a rowdy mob of crossdressing spectators who booed, cat called, and snapped their fingers when felt it was appropriate. Sandra, who usually looks like Sisco, looked more like RuPaul with her blonde wig

Monday, March 23, 2009

McLovin Swears On Kimmel

Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel live, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (AKA the skinny guy with the high voice from Superbad) was being interviewed about.. whatever it is he does these days, when he decided to drop the F-Bomb..

"Your speech... was fucking hilarious."

Excuse me, McLovin? Do you think you're on HBO? That sort of thing does not fly on NBC!

Censors rushed to edit bawdy bad boy and save their jobs.

thanks McLovin!

You can watch it here

NEW Yeah Yeah Yeahs

as recommended by my buddy Simon, here is some new Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
The song is "Zero" off their New Album, It's Blitz! out on the 31st!!
check it out----------------------------------------

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pierre Nadeau Knows What Warm Weather is All About

Seeing as yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, AKA the first day of Spring, I was inspired to check out this vintage track called "Girls Boys" by Pierre Nadeau. Dont know who that is?! It really doesnt matter! All you have to know is how amazing rollerblading on the beach is when all you've got on is a pair of hot pink shorts and some sunglasses (I guess a little more if youre a girl).

Check it out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Fo Got Her Groove Back

Ok tonight’s top model was soo much better than last week! For one, Fo got her act together and turned out an awesome photo and for.. two.. well that’s it.

First off, Ms. Jay decided to dress up as some kind of cracked out charm school leader while he taught them how to walk. Natalie, the girl with scruffy eye brows, told everyone that she’s a pro and that she’s better than everyone.. and she kind of is.. but she’s a snot, so we don’t like her. And Chantal and Bianca (who beat up the big haired girl from hairspray) came on the show and showed everyone that Top Model can take them places in life!!! OW OW! Ann "Choke-on-it" Shoket came on. I'm pretty sure this is her only job because she’s always on top model. Then Teyona got her hair did... But it looks exactly the same way that it did before. Bummer. Am I right?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SO! Did you hear that ya gurl Dora is getting the hook up?!
Evidently this new look wasn't supposed to be made public for a while, but money grubbing Barbie maker, Matel decided to spill the beans... and I think I'm pretty glad they've been spilled! Homegirl got some long weave, some collagen, one of those cute shirts that make you look preggers and a pair of purple leggings! Now she looks like she could work at hollister! The American dream. I mean, her bracelet and necklace tell me she still shops at Claire's for her accessories, but those blingin' earrings more than make up for it! Go ahead girl.

Many worried parents think this long haired chica might be a little too sexy for their young ones to watch, but if you ask me, the parents are perverts and this change couldnt have come any sooner! If I had to look at her little bowl-cut, Rhianna mini-do any longer, I was going to put a drill through my head. Sí, hago. In my humble opinion, as long as Jail-bait Dora isn't making amor dulce with her main squeeze, Diego, smoking pot, or getting pregnant on nick Jr, everyone should just chill out!

And speaking of pregnant before middle school, has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance to Miley Cyrus? Lets hope D doesnt go down the same path. Keep Dora in school and away from myspace.

Amy Wino Goes to Court!!!!

Amy Swinehouse showed up to court today looking pretty fly!!! I'm going to have to give Ames a nice golf clap for that one, considering she usually looks liked the goddess bunny.

Winehouse showed up today sporting her trademark beehive hairstyle, and a nice spraytan. I'm surprised she wasnt too cracked out to put her makeup on! All this, while wearing a very chic floral dress, and black cardi over it. She looks thoroughly excited to see daylight! Flashing those white chicklet teeth like there's no tomorrow! It's kind of like my dog, when I let him walk around the house after keeping him locked in the closet for days. I find this all to be just fascinating, considering Roughhouse is in court today because she "allegedly" assaulted a fan who tried to take a picture of her.

ps: The only reason why we use the word "alledgedly" in situations like this is so that Naomi Cambell wont come after the rest of us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

GQ Can Now Attract the Freaky, Vampire Loving Audience

Robert Pattinson, who plays everyone's favorite wayfarer-wearing vampire, Edward Cullens has graced the cover of GQ magazine's March issue.

Although I'm pretty sure my sister and all of her "Team-Edward", "Team Jacob" friends are going to bum rush every 7-11 and buy up every copy, there's a pretty good chance they wont get to your home town (very soon) so if youre into it, check out GQ this month.


I've been checking out awesome photographer, Hedi Slimane's photo diary a lot lately and it's so awesome! I figured maybe you guys might want to see a little bit of it too!