Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Prooobably the best thing I've seen in a while;When Mark Paul Gosselaar showed up for his interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he came not looking like himself, but as his 90's high school counter part, Zack Morris, the character he played on Saved By The Bell.

Everyone was shocked when, Gosselaar came on with a blonde wig and white high tops, in true Zack Morris fashion and then proceeded to complete the entire interview as the popular teen icon. It was pretty great; he even froze time to speak directly to the audience, (breaking the fourth wall) something our buddy, Zack would typically do! Before the interview was over, "Morris" and Elizabeth Berklee (AKA Jessie) agreed to be part of a Saved By The Bell reunion to be held on Late Night (an ongoing fantasy of fallon's).

It was a crazy treat! Take a look!


  1. Well I guess many actors have succed and others don't, for me this guy has been good actor ever, just in 1 or 2 performance sucks, but he's still good.