Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Singing Inspiration

nyone who knows me/has had the misfortune
of traveling with me in a car knows that I have a passion for the art of singing. Although I've been known to make ears bleed, I know that one day, I'll fly out of this little town, ditch the name I was born with, and become the huge singing sensation that no one believes I am!

Stars like P.Diddy, Kelly Clarkson, and Zac Efron will be begging to open for me, but I'll say, "Naw. I run solo."

One of my many inspirations to keep singing no matter how many newborns I deafen is this great clip from the movie "Step Brothers".

I'd like to say that I've gotten into several (nearly) head-on collisions due to out-of-control singing and it is no laughing matter!

To all the wannabe singers out there, hoping to sell out venues other than your shower, keep singing, and keep dreaming! Maybe one day, your mediocre voice and shotty acting skills will get your own Disney TV show, like Miley Cyrus!

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  1. I suffer form the same problem despite my horrid voice, i love to sing when I drive my Chevrolet.