Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#GETTIT Sleigh bells new video for Comeback Kid

Get at this>> Sleigh Bells has just put out the video for "Comeback Kid"!
As I said before, I'm pretty stoked for Sleigh Bell's new album, "Reign of Terror", coming out next month!

do it--

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Designs by Adidas are bananas

I've gotta admit, the last product Adidas came out with that really got me excited were those ultra-cool SNAP OFF PANTS that everyone had back in the day.  And that was really only because I loved to start trouble for those kids whose parents had stupidly bought them two-striped or four-striped pants.

But the new Adidas Originals by designer Jeremy Scott has given me several new reasons to show off my stripes.

First off, I'd like to say that anyone who encourages wearing full-body animal print is a GRADE-A person in my book.

Second, when's the last time you saw someone wearing tails, cheetah prints or gratuitous frills who wasn't also holding a sceptre and headed to Comic-Con?

Finally, in a world of bland, unexciting basics, the new Adidas Originals are a kick in the face!

The daring concepts and bold patterns make Scott's designs perfect for anyone who isn't afraid to say

"Yeah, I've got wings on my shoes-- and I've got fire crackers in my pants.  Now watch as I do a split in the air-- in the middle of this board meeting!"

-suck on that, Old Navy!