Friday, May 29, 2009

Brooke Hogan Channels Her Inner Donatella

While you were busy going through bankruptcy, GM, Brooke Hogan was busy gussying herself up for her new album cover!
Is it just me, or does lil Hogan's new CD album look like Lisa Frank's rendition of Donatella Versace?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Playa Of The Week

Obviously Kris Allen. Who else deserves this award right now besides season 8's winner of American Idol?!

It was defintely wierd though because I thought (as much as I cant stand him) that Adam put on an awesome show and was totally in his element. Either way, both guys will sell out stadiums. The seaon finale was great! Bikini girl got played on tv, people danced all over the stage, people made fools of themselves, and music stars like Kiss, Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas and Queen Latifa shared the stage. It was def entertaining.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chelsea Handler Knows How to Plan

All this talk about swine flu, brush fires and... octo-mom has made me think a lot about dying...

so what happens after that? Do I get buried? Cremated? Who's going to read my eulogy? Mah gurl Chelsea Handler has already thought all of this through:

Wendy's Knows What We Like

So you'll be happy to know that Wendy's has just come out with three new bangin' coffee flavored frosted drinks-- and with that, one great commercial. 

Understandably, watching this video has reminded me why I love coffee, chocolate, and Japanese pop groups.

take a look*

Take that.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pistol Youth Stays Golden

Ok.. this is def weird, but I guess thats why im digging it. This video is "In My Eyes" by Pistol Youth. It's not new, but its def an awesome jam... with a video that reminds us why we love those golden girls.... and slightly makes us sick.

Thank you, Paul for this!



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Nights Inspire American Apparel

For all of you fun, trendy cats out there, have I got a treat for you!!!!! Our favorite hedonistic, pseudo-fair-trade clothing store, American Apparel, has come out with a new line of swanky outfits called "Night Moves" which is specially designed for looking good at night!

Actually, it's not new at all; it's really just some of the darker colored clothes A.A has to offer, that have been re-organized into a trendy line for an emphasis on the night. In any event, these vogue vestments, which come in a wild arrangement of colors and a multitude of fabrics (from cotton, to leather, to Lamé) are pretty neat, and will have you looking cool on the hottest of summer nights.

They've even got kid sizes so that all the ragamuffins from around town can look like little hipster hookers!

So whether you'll be sipping mimosas at sundown on the beach, or waiting in a crowded line to get into your favorite club with your friends, you'll be looking good in the neighborhood... That is, if you can handle those fair-trade prices!