Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ARTISTS 2 Watch: Tyler Shields

TYLER SHIELDS is a cool artist who isnt afraid to play with fire.  After working with celebrities such as Matt Dallas, Rainn Wilson, My Chemical Romance, Zachary Quinto, Brittany Snow and the babes from Twilight, Shields' provocative portfolio of photographs, advertisements, and video portraits has become a feast for the eyes that the highest of celebrity profiles are vying to become a part of.
Shields, who is based in the sun-drenched city of Los Angeles, has a knack for using people, elements, and familiar faces to capture wild concepts such as greed, love, lust and death and neatly packing them in his photo series (one to definitely check out is the "Kills" series).  The photos are beautiful, piercing, engaging and ironic.

But Shields doesn't stop!  Today, you can find him working on his new book "The Dirty Side of Glamor", a new photo series, and a gallery, which Shields says will be open in 2010.

Working with blood, defying gravity, rolling in the mud and playing with fire are activities that most shy away from but Shields' use of the aforementioned has  had  blazing results.

Monday, December 28, 2009

"The Outsiders" Fashion Shoot From Black Magazine

HERES an awesome photo shoot based on the bangin' book by S.E Hinton.  Fashion by the likes of Burberry, H&M, Chanel, John Varvatos, and Prada.  Photos shot for Blackbook Magazine.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rachel Weisz for Vogue London

Merry Christmas & A Nike Commercial!

It's not like I want to support anything to boost the already astronomical egos of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, but...  that Nike Christmas commercial with LBJ and Kobe is HI-Larious

OK-- Check eet out:

Is it just me or does Lebron look like he's related to cousin Skeeter??

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toy Story 3: It's Really Happening!! (Exclusive Clip)

I don't know about you, but practically foaming at the mouth in excitement for the new Toy Story!

Toy Story 3, which will be released simutaneously in  IMAX and regular theaters in 2010, takes place 10 years after the second one left off, and our old buddy Andy is older and getting ready for college!  

GET IT?!  CUZ WE'RE OLDER TOO!!!!  (Genius!)

Here's the official trailer and exclusive extended clip of the movie:

So what happens to all of Andy's toys when he leaves for school?  I know that, personally, all of my precious childhood memories hit the incinerator when I turned 20 got too old!

Will Buzz, Woody and the gang share the same fate as that demonic spider baby thing?  (vom) 

Or Will they find a way back into Andy's heart? (Awww-- that just made my heart melt <3)

Personally, I'm PRAYING that there will be at least a cameo by that twisted freak, Sid!  He's my favorite!  Because we all had a little "Sid" in us when we were younger!  You know he's now either a psychopathic murder or getting girls pregnant.

Either way, we know that Toy Story 3 will be a blast.... A blast from the paaast!

Look for Toy Story in theaters June 18th 2010!

Jared Leto On the Cover of Nylon Guys

And he looks normal for once!

In the January issue of Nylon Guys, Leto dished on everything from his less than perfect life as a little kid, to his band's new CD "This is War", which came out December 8th.

“I thought art would be my life. It was either that or selling drugs. I always had an aversion to being part of some corporate structure or workingin a clearly defined job. I like to explore different things.”

“I was born a poor white-trash boy… We were vagabonds, and I had a peripatetic childhood; our mother brought us on her journey of escape from the oppressive nature of the South… It’s been a journey of dreams, but it’s also been heartbreaking and challenging.”

“We went to war and fought for what we believed in, and we refused to give in or give up until they addressed our concerns. One day, they finally addressed our concerns and we were able to make peace and move forward. But it was a long and sometimes vicious, brutal, and bloody battle. It occupied every waking moment, and I carried a lot of it. I tried my best to shield Shannon and Tomo from it so we could all focus on the creative aspects of making this record on our own. We are very, very glad we took on that fight. We never doubted it was the right decision, but we didn’t know how it would end up…. But we’re stronger as a result of it, and it will always be a part of our story.”

“You know how sometimes you can’t stop eating hot sauce? I’m in one of those phases now.”

Here's 30 Seconds to Mars' single "This is War" off their new abum:

For more, pick up this month's issue of Nylon Guys
Or go to the Nylon Website at: http://nylonguysmag.com/