Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion Week: Zac Posen

WHOA! This week, I got the opportunity to go to Zac Posen’s fashion show during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week and boy, was it a whirlwind! When I saw the huge, white Mercedes Benz tent and the herd of trendy, stylish fashionistas rallying around the front door, I knew the night was a big deal. Just around the back, I was let inside by someone who knew someone, who evidently I knew, and I entered the bright, dazzling world of beautiful people, impressive fashion, and intense personalities. From there, I moved through “this” gate, and “that” hallway, and “this” list, until I was inside the Zac Posen zone!

Four grand pianos lined up in the middle of the long runway, letting everyone know that when the lights dimmed, refined beauty and elegance would soon follow. This star studded room, which featured celebs such as beautiful Rachel Bilson, Claire Danes, Estelle, Janice Combs, Joy Bryant, and the always amusing J. Alexander watched with “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s” and the occasional frantic clap. Posen used a distinct assortment of silhouettes and fabrics to create a diverse collection.
There were grays, pinks, blues, reds and metallics in the gowns, suits, and dresses that came down the runway; Some clothes looked very 1940’s while others gave off a Victorian look.
One highlight of the show happened when model, Coco Rocha got cat-called by a photographer sitting in the audience at the end of the runway! “Now that’s a woman!!” He shouted out-loud. Now, this was a fact I thought to be true, but I wasn’t about to shout it across the catwalk! Is that a normal thing?! This caused everyone in the audience to start slapping their knees, clapping their hands, and laughing like they were watching “The Office” (hopefully you think the office is funnyJ)! But Rocha, who couldn’t actually hear what the photographer said, didn’t stop! She just kept on smiling as she walked back up the runway. It was pretty funny but Rocha handled it! Hats off!

The whole night was a blast; if I could do anything different… I probably would’ve worn some longer socks! It was freeeeezing cold outside that tent and the walk back to the subway was bitter one! I’m pretty sure I got frost bite on my ankles!

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