Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WHOA! Im back!

So I havent blogged in a little over 2 months (because of school stuff) and its been a bummerrrr!

Luckily though, I've seen some awesome things in the mean time!

One of those "things" is a Korean pop girl group called 2ne1 (pronounced "21" or "to any one"

This energetic foursome was created by YG records after they saw the explosive success of their boy group, Big Bang.

I dare you to take a look at the video for their song "Fire" and not be reeled in by the catchy chorus or the colorful, flashy scenes!

Their song "Fire" was released with a "Street Version" and "Space Version" on the same day this year (though I've come to really like the space version!

See for yourself:

Check out 2ne1 on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/ygfamily2ne1
Or, (if you can read the Korean) their main site at: http://www.yg-2ne1.com/

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