Monday, December 21, 2009

Playa of The Week

Playa of the week?  Obvi Nicole Polizzi, AKA Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore
While she may be small, this pint size, orange skinned oompa loompa is a tank.

One minute she’s dance-battling some jabroni down on the dance floor, the next, she’s whipping her long black hair on top of the bar, doing flashdance like some kind of tribal dance warrior!  She doesn't break a sweat.

This week, we were all ticked beyond belief when Snookie got socked in the face by some random dude at the bar!  Kapowy!

Homegirl just got right up, caked her bronzer back on, and dusted off her shoulder.  Yeah she shed a few tears, but she was good!  That’s called a champ. 

Snookie’s feisty attitude, fierce sense of fashion and ability to “get her tan on” are why this little ball of energy has been voted “Playa of The Week”.

1 comment:

  1. She really is a crazy chick, I love her attitude and of course her looks, she got an amazing body and a ravishing eyes and lips.