Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Music to Snob Your Friends With

If you're looking for a new band to get into, give a listen to the Philadelphia band, Grandchildren.  I guess you'd describe their sound as electro/acoustic (think of Animal Collective or Freelance Whales).

I went to see Grandchildren for the first time a few weeks ago at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.  
Because they were third billed on the concert flyer and were the opening band for the night, I was getting ready for a giant suck-fest as the band set up for the show.  

Six guys crowded the small rickety stage with several guitars, a trumpet, a maraca, bells, two drum sets and a whole bunch of electronic instruments I've never heard of, as the flannel-wearing hipsters who packed into the hot room tucked away their thick-framed, non-prescription glasses and threw down their jackets.  It was just about the time when I realized this was about to be a dancing party.

The stage shook with the clanging and twanging of instruments, sending the giddy kids in the crowd into an uncoordinated, free-spirited dancing frenzy.  In between songs, the crowd eagerly watched Aleks Martray and the rest of the band walk across the stage and swapped instruments -a guitar for a tambourine, a bongo for a synthesizer- before crashing into the next song.

Grandchilren is a great listen whether you’re driving in your car with both hands out the window, jamming out in the shower, or just tripping balls with a couple close friends.

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