Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Nights Inspire American Apparel

For all of you fun, trendy cats out there, have I got a treat for you!!!!! Our favorite hedonistic, pseudo-fair-trade clothing store, American Apparel, has come out with a new line of swanky outfits called "Night Moves" which is specially designed for looking good at night!

Actually, it's not new at all; it's really just some of the darker colored clothes A.A has to offer, that have been re-organized into a trendy line for an emphasis on the night. In any event, these vogue vestments, which come in a wild arrangement of colors and a multitude of fabrics (from cotton, to leather, to Lamé) are pretty neat, and will have you looking cool on the hottest of summer nights.

They've even got kid sizes so that all the ragamuffins from around town can look like little hipster hookers!

So whether you'll be sipping mimosas at sundown on the beach, or waiting in a crowded line to get into your favorite club with your friends, you'll be looking good in the neighborhood... That is, if you can handle those fair-trade prices!

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