Tuesday, May 5, 2009

End Of The Year Brings Hell, Accapella Groups

As this school year wraps up, many of us have been swamped with ridiculous deadlines, depressing finals, and crazy dragon-breath teachers.  Maybe you've thinking about finding alleviation at the bottom of an empty bottle of Zima or maybe the idea of throwing yourself in front of the nearest Mack truck is looking a bit more appealing.  I, on the other hand, (with a little help of my friend) have found relief from my academic oppression in the most crazy of places:  Acapella groups from around the country.

I know what you're probably thinking: "Are you out of your mind?" "You're not one of those bow tie-wearing, finger snapping, toe-tapping crazies, are you?".  But the truth is, those starry eyed, goody-good kids from the farmlands and the suburbs of America know how to drop a beat!

Over time, one thing you'll notice about these quirky singers is that there's always more than meets the eye.  You can tell there's a lot of drama lurking behind the scenes of these events.  There's the annoying bro who's singing his heart out, the slutty girl who's secretly sleeping with all the guys and is only doing this for extra credit, the gay guy who everyone thinks is funny, but secretly hates everyone, and the smart girl who is mean and uptight, but secretly wants to be the slutty girl!
(Or maybe I've been making all this up?)

Take some time to watch the awesome talents of Accapella groups on youtube!  While the talented singer are amazing and great to watch, i personally like the ones that suck!

PS: Please dont judge me... it's been a hard week