Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Leeeave Perez Alone!!!"

Many of you have already heard about the huge rumble that went down between Perez Hilton and Black Eyed Peas' singer, Will-I-Am! If you didnt, it involved Perez dissing Fergie, Will-I-Am talking smack, and Perez getting "boom-boom-pow'd" by Will-I-Am's body guard, right outside the Toronto night club.

While in the middle of this grizzly attack, Perez got out his cell phone and did what any other person would do in that situation: he signed onto Twitter.

After it was all over, Perez, who was extremely hot and bothered, broadcasted a "Chris Crocker"-like video to all his fans to get HIS side of the story out. Thank God. It went a little something like this:

After watching this video, I couldn't help but ALMOST feel bad for Perez. How dare Will-I-Am and his culturally-diverse posse almost make Perez lose his dignity in front of all the world!

Personally, I'm surprised Perez hasn't been sucker-punched before this! I know that if I went around talking trash about everyone I knew, I wouldve gotten both my knee caps and my jaw broken by now.

I also think he should be grateful he didn't get into it with someone like Chris Brown. Then, he'd really have something to cry about.

After all the sadness and tears, I know that there's one woman out there, watching with glimmering eyes and a wide, porcelain smile. And her name is Miss California.


  1. Awesome! I totally agree, i'm a Perez fan but he had it coming. Did you see the TMZ video of the argument!?

  2. hahaaaaaaa he totally had it coming. totally agree.