Monday, June 22, 2009

T-Swift & T-Pain

Last week, hell froze over
pigs sprouted wings, and i watched the CMT country music awards. Even more surprising than that, there were a few points in time where I was actually entertained.

One of those twinkling moments happened when country/pop sensation, Taylor Swift (AKA the obsession of men everywhere) took the stage with, no, not Billy Ray Cyrus, but T-Pain! The result was an ironic, catchy, thugged-out duet that's likely to be as popular as T-Pain's other chart topping single, "I'm on a Boat"!
Take a Look!

Here are more pictures from the video:


  1. sweet stuff dude. great video haha, that was awesome.

  2. the video won't work :[ i wanna see it!!