Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fatal Attraction II

Is anyone else so excited for the movie Obsessed to come out?!

I mean, it does look a little hokie and a bit silly... (AKA the catfight between Beyonce and Ali Larter) but I think it'll be interesting anyway.

So far, the only ppl who agree with me are the sketchy dope fiend girls who lurk across the street from my school... and that might be saying something, but im hooked anyway!

Has anyone else realized that Obsessed is an exact replica of the 1987 blockbuster, Fatal Attraction? Both have a suave man (whore) with a (fiiiiine) wife and young child at home, who falls for the hot (crazy/slutty) blonde who goes after everything he has.

One scene Im waiting for is the very catfight scene where Beyonce pulls back her scraggly orange weave and transforms into GI Jane before she goes Bruce Leroy on that Hussy. They start slamming each other around the room Chris Brown style like it's a scene out of Kill Bill!

See for yourself.


  1. i just got really excited even though it looks like a straight to dvd flick ps like your blog x