Saturday, April 18, 2009

Get Those Suits Ready!

With the warm weather coming along, everyone is getting giddy for bathing suit season! The girl doing this and getting the most attention is everyone's (2nd*) favorite Laguna Beach resident, Kristen Cavellari. Last month, Kristen (and a plethora of other girls in blue bathing suits) starred in a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Cosmo magazine, showing off the bathing suits of this season.

The mob of girls stood together and used their bodies to spell out "Cosmo" and then were used as extras in a music video for some upcoming pop star who looked like Shaggy... Jess Ewud, a friend of mine who was asked to join the shoot while she was walking along the beach in Miami, Florida, snapped a couple of pictures so that we could all take a look.

Keep an eye out for the issue of Cosmo, coming out early this summer!

*everyone knows L.C is everyone's favorite!

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    FYI Kristen is mad short in real life