Thursday, April 9, 2009


Tonight was an awesome night for TV on NBC! There was a funny(ish) premiere episode of Parks & Recreation sandwiched between two episodes of The Office, which was followed by 30 Rock and the premiere episode of Southland! Parks & Recreation was pretty funny.. like.. not the funniest, but i'll give it another chance! (Actually I didnt see the entire episode because my mom didnt DVR all of it.. DARN!) It was basically the office, but Amy Poehler pretending to be Steve Carell.

The real office and 30 Rock awesome as usual, but what I thought was the best was the premiere epi of Southland, starring Benjamin McKenzie (AKA Ryan from the OC).

It was kind of like a mixture of Cops and.. I guess the OC?? It wasnt like any other cop show! It was dramatic and shot beautifully, and put together really interestingly.

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  1. southland is fraking awesome, it's very melodreamatic.
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