Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Baaack!

There are many things I love about the warm spring and summer months;

  • Gorging to your heart's content at awkward family bbq's 
  • oh-so-short jean shorts 
  • and all the embarrassing, drunken parents who take advantage of the extra hours of daylight to go buckwild at six flags.

School is out for summer and yes, that means I'm poor, jobless, and facing a whopper of a recession, but it also means that I can finally get back to the thing that matters the most.. no, I'm not talking about going green!  I'm talking about this blooog!

SO, this summer, you can expect Toy Story 3, The Hills finally ending, more Twilight and Shrek movies, and more Toast of Today!

Enjoy those shorts!


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