Friday, July 31, 2009

Public Service Announcement

wo things that surprisingly get stupider
as time goes by
are Paris Hilton and Celebrity Public Service Announcements; also known as PSA's..

These are the silly melodramatic commercials of celebrities using their star power to convince us normies to take action against such travesties as animal cruelty, world hunger, and juvenile diabetes.

It's not like these issues aren't important, but somehow hearing about it from celebrity mouths makes everything sound stupid.
I'm sorry Nicole Richie and Benji Madden, but I dont believe you.
Here are just a few examples of celebrity PSA's

Awww. Now I care about this! ...Wait. No I don't.


Hmm... Maybe I should learn to take political icons like Ellen Degeneres more seriously.

SO Here's a PSA for all the celebs out there:

Dear Celebrities,
Everyday, hundreds of you are chosen to be in the ridiculous commercials known as "PSA's".

I know you feel like you need to be in them to appear humane, but it isnt true. Stop being in these commercials!

We love you singing and acting... but thats just about it. Unless you have a PHD, we dont believe you!

So please leave the "saving of the world" to real ppl who know what they're doing... like Captain Planet. You do your part, and we'll watch. In the end, we'll all be WAY better off.

Thank you,
The Rest of Us.

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