Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amy Wino Goes to Court!!!!

Amy Swinehouse showed up to court today looking pretty fly!!! I'm going to have to give Ames a nice golf clap for that one, considering she usually looks liked the goddess bunny.

Winehouse showed up today sporting her trademark beehive hairstyle, and a nice spraytan. I'm surprised she wasnt too cracked out to put her makeup on! All this, while wearing a very chic floral dress, and black cardi over it. She looks thoroughly excited to see daylight! Flashing those white chicklet teeth like there's no tomorrow! It's kind of like my dog, when I let him walk around the house after keeping him locked in the closet for days. I find this all to be just fascinating, considering Roughhouse is in court today because she "allegedly" assaulted a fan who tried to take a picture of her.

ps: The only reason why we use the word "alledgedly" in situations like this is so that Naomi Cambell wont come after the rest of us.

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