Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celia Steps Out

WOW! Tonight was a crazy little episode of top model!
I'm trying to remember stuff about the photoshoots, but all I can remember is the ballsy move by Cyborg Celia at the end! I'll get to that! So first thing in the episode, Tahlia is alread opening her mouth to winge about her suckiness! I cant take it anymore!!! I wanted to jump into the TV screen and punch her in the back of the neck!! So I know I'm not being mean because everyone else in the model house feels the exact same way, even Owl girl!

Benny Ninja's bony self was on this episode... again.. teaching the girls how to pose. Whats new? So he brought the girls down to a swanky place on his side of town, AKA a drag club, where the models had to put on blonde wigs, walk down a runway and pose in front of a rowdy mob of crossdressing spectators who booed, cat called, and snapped their fingers when felt it was appropriate. Sandra, who usually looks like Sisco, looked more like RuPaul with her blonde wig

Cyborg Celia, who looked pleased to have long blonde hair again, looked like a cracked out version of one of those "Deal or No Deal" girls. Cyborg was so excited in her shiny outfit and plastic wig, that after she dominated bushy browed Natalia in a voguing contest, homegirl took that outfit home and wore it all the rest of the week, even to panel.. which I'll get to.

Toccara from season 3 showed up for a bit to talk about personality, which she has a whole lot of! It was nice to see her, but for some reason, she looked like a contestant from flavor of love!

Photoshoot this week was Ellis Island themed! Whooo! Actually, it was pretty cool. The models had to portray immigrants coming from their mother countries to the United States with a flock of multi cultured children (including a ginger with a toupee). Everyone did good, i dont care.

Ok, so then everyone is so mad at the house because Thalia did good, and now she's soooo into the competition and is farting roses and spitting sunshine! President and Co-Founder of the Hate Tahlia club is Celia, who gets everyone together to say that if homegirl does decent in panel, theyre going to pounce on her! Everyone is like.. "yeahyeah!" yeah right.

They all say "Agreed" and they put their hands in a circle and say "1.2.3 Kill Thalia!"

Well.. actually they didnt, but they did decide that they were going to "stand up" if Thalia the Winge does well. So when Thalia's little blonde self was called first in pannel, you know was pissed! (c-e-l-i-a) THey even zoomed in on her grid-locked pissed off face! And then it came down to two; Kortnie with a "K" and Sneaky Sandra, I wanted that grinning goose, Sandra gone soo bad, but Tyra called the beautiful full figured red head instead. It was so sad.

THEN! Quick zoom to Celia and smoke is coming out of her ears!! All the other girls are looking around, remembering what they said they would do earlier. They did nothing. I knew they didnt have it in them. Celia was the only G. Cyborg Celia goes into overdrive and steps out of line and walks her iron self back onto the walkway. WHAT?!!! I couldnt believe my eyes!

She's like "Tyra, I just need to say something." And she proceeds to tell tyra and the judges that thalia doesnt even want to be in the competition and she should go home! OMG! Homegirl ratted Thalia's blonde self out!!!!! SOOO Good!

Tyra, who was probably taken very much aback, said something about how its not fair that celia pointed her out and it was stupid or something and she told Celia to get back in line. Whoa. I thought Tyra was going to be like "Really Celia? How about this? You're out! Pack it up and go home!" Celia would've turned on her robot lazer eye and lit Tyra UP!

But it didnt happen. Celia went back in line with a bunch of surprised models and one pissed off Thalia, while Kortnie hugged everyone and said goodbye. Goodbye Kort! You'll be missed!

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