Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet Josephine!

I first met Dillon Teague DeVoe last summer, when he was criss-crossing the United States while on tour with his band, The Josephine Collective. Alex Sandate, one of the vocal contributors to the band, walked into the Hollister, the clothing store where I was working, with flyers that advertised a show they were playing locally in Connecticut.

Sandate effortlessly commanded the attention of everyone in the store as he coolly leaned against a clothing rack and smiled. With his tattoos, graphic-t, and laid-back attitude, he just oozed “rockstar”. “You like that band that’s playing?” Sandate asked of the music rocking through the speakers and echoing through the store as he pointed to the Hollister jukebox. “Yeah! Of course” shot back the girl who was working behind the register while the rest of us listened in, with no clue who this mystery visitor was. “Yeah, well this is my band!” said Sandate as DeVoe walked in. He was carrying a short stack of small, colorful flyers that read “The Josephine Collective”. “You guys have to come!” Said the energetic DeVoe with a grin that stretched across his face, “It’s going to be awesome!” He was so friendly, we couldn’t say no. Their song, “Crack my Heart” had played a thousand times at our California-themed store and everyone knew it by heart. By the time the two of them left, they had us sold; we had to go.

To say the least, the concert was a great time; the wicked instrumentals, addicting melodies and larger than life personalities had everyone on their feet till we were forced leave. The show started with DeVoe pulling fans on stage and charismatically serenading them, and ended with a firework show put on by the band in the back of the venue.

Now, months later, I still keep up contact with Sandate and DeVoe over facebook. Although I’m used to hearing surprising news from DeVoe, I was taken aback when, in a recent conversation, he started off with some shocking news.

Dillon Teague DeVoe: We've just been dropped. We don't much like the way the label worked, We're working on a completely independent operation for the time being. Writing new music, working on heat, energy, buzz! [We’re] getting people excited for what is to come, which is going to blow minds… and if it doesn't, at least mine will be blown after making it!

Alex J: Nice! That sounds like it’ll be good! Are you sad to have left the label?

DTD: The label gave us an opportunity to stretch our means and achieve a fan base we never could have dreamed of playing in only Kansas City. We can tour now and do well enough to stay on the road. We don't really have anything to show you yet because we're still in the formative process of recreating Josephine, but the songs we're making are fire! I'll be excited to give you a copy.

AJ: Yeah, that would actually be really awesome! What about the stuff you’re working on now; is it the same J.C sound or something different?

DTV: Being that the band now consists of Alex, Damon, Martin (three less than when the band first started) and me the creative flows is less hindered by indifference. The four of us care about this band and about making music that makes people happy.

AJ: Haha-- Whoa, so different, do you think that being four guys makes you stronger together? Is there a chance of you getting back together?

DTD: This is the line up for us right now; as we've shown in the past, the four of us are here to play. We've had the pleasure of playing with a lot of different musicians. it seems like you know everyone in a town like Kansas city too, so we meet a lot of talented people. As for being stronger as a four piece, we are definitely writing more, experimenting more, jamming seamless instrumentals based on intuition. It's a stronger psychic bond for sure

AJ: Awesome

DTD: We have passion and love for our craft.

AJ: Nice-- I think listeners appreciate that. Do you think you'll be on tour still? Because the fan base is DEF still there and Connecticut misses Josephine Collective!

DTD: We'll do our best to be back on the road by this summer with new material! Something to show for these eight hour days.

AJ: Cool cool. Are you thinking of changing the band's image or anything or is it staying the same?

DTD: It is evolving; We all are, as people and as musicians. We'll see what happens.

AJ: Thats exciting! Well last time I saw you, I remember you being a riot! Tell me something funny!

DTD: I'm sending Shakespearean style poetry to my friend Katie over facebook chat

AJ: Oooh nice.. are you into Shakespeare?

DTD: Here is what I sent her, granted I'm free styling

my dearest darling doll

speak to me

or forever hold me in peace

i'll weep buckets in the cradle of your arms

and die not a lonely man

but a fish in the sea

of sunset's most shimmering red

i love thee. dost thou love me?

indeed my dearest darling dear

say indeed you do

for i am for you

and not in the sense of battle either unless we're taking this horizontally

badda bing


AJ: Haha! You are a true poet! And a great multi-tasker! Can you drop some more rhymes?

DTD: Let the music move me and be on my way

glad to be your friend, and you're a friend to me

i am open moving through the stratos space

moving all over the place

say, there is no stopping me

i'm not saying that i'm great

i'm just where i got to be

i'm right where i wanna be

i'm just where i oughtta be

i love the way the rhythms and rhymes intertwine

weaving pictures and places and head states and phases

i feel all that i can love, i can see

with open eyes i see everything



u dig?

AJ: Yeaaah! Totally! That was awesome, I didnt know you could do that!

DTD: Thanks man

AJ: Have you seen any awesome movies lately?

DTD: Everyone is raving about milk

AJ: Yeeeah i know!

DTD:I haven't seen it

AJ: I want to see Watchmen! It looks pretty tough, but im afraid its going to be extra gruesome and graphic like Sin City... lol Which was awkward because I watched it with my dad!

DTD: Haha! Watchmen looks AMAZING! The visual hurt my eyes; They look so good.

AJ: That’s what I’m sooo excited for!

DTD: Dude it was good talking but I'm wiped I’m probably gonna go to bed

AJ: Alright! Well, it was great talking, bud.

DTD: U too! Later my man

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