Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Fo Got Her Groove Back

Ok tonight’s top model was soo much better than last week! For one, Fo got her act together and turned out an awesome photo and for.. two.. well that’s it.

First off, Ms. Jay decided to dress up as some kind of cracked out charm school leader while he taught them how to walk. Natalie, the girl with scruffy eye brows, told everyone that she’s a pro and that she’s better than everyone.. and she kind of is.. but she’s a snot, so we don’t like her. And Chantal and Bianca (who beat up the big haired girl from hairspray) came on the show and showed everyone that Top Model can take them places in life!!! OW OW! Ann "Choke-on-it" Shoket came on. I'm pretty sure this is her only job because she’s always on top model. Then Teyona got her hair did... But it looks exactly the same way that it did before. Bummer. Am I right?!

For me, the most depressing part of the episode was the commercial when I had to listen to McKee talk about “My life as a Covergirl.” Not impressed.

There was a watershed moment when Tahlia found out from Know-it-all-Natalie that she can’t model.
1) She cant.
2) I could’ve told her that.
She cried again. I'm starting to get tired of all these moments from Tahlia; She needs to shape up or ship out. As Aminat says, “If it aint cute, put it on mute.”
Photoshoots! Everyone had to do a photoshoot where they were put into the character of someone in New York City and they had to convey that character in the photo shoot so that the judges could guess where they were… Do you get the sense that Tyra is running out of ideas for photoshoots? As usual Mike Rosenthal was the photographer. I'm pretty sure they use him 5x per season. Cyborg Celia and Sneaky Sandra (who both have short blond hair, thanks to their “futuristic” make-overs) played nannies and the judges just loooved Sandra. I would’ve loved if they sent her and her big white smug smile home!
Mah girl Fo brought her A-game tonight when she had an awesome photoshoot, playing a Wallstreet broker with Aminat! Kortnie with a "K" and Nijah sucked because they were boring. Allison and London sucked because they couldn’t get into character. Which is kind of sad because it was the easiest one: snobs. And then when they went into panel they were like “We we’re frenemies!” No. Speaking of frenemies, there was a group picture with Teyona, Natalie, and Tahlia where they played tourists on a bus.. and the judges loved Tahlia. I have no idea. She was NOT that good. Home girl isn’t that good to begin with. She had her little grin on, proud of her half-decent picture… I said to myself.. “great.. now she’s staying another week.”
In the end, Never-There-Nijah got her butt sent home. There’s always a pretty/bland girl every season.. and this time it was her. Oh well.

True story: The judges Tyra has the whole season figured out from the beginning. She knows who she wants to win, and the order theyre going home; she just makes things go her way. If she wanted Nijah to stay, she could’ve found a better picture to use, but The show has to go on TYRA’S way! She kept owl-eyed Allison in and Tahlia in because theyre “different” and they make people believe in themselves… but theyre not going to win. If Tyra doesn't want Kortnie to be in the competition, she’ll wait for her to stick up for herself in panel and eliminate her for talking back. She’ll just make up something and run with it.

That being said, I think Tahlia has had enough time to spread love and hope to girls all around the world.. and she’s going home next week.

here are the photos from this week!
Fo and Aminat as Wall Street Brokers
London and Allison as "Frenemies"
Celia and Sandra as Nannies
Kortnie and Nijah as Artists
Fo, Natalie and Teyona as tourists

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