Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Modelesque Night

Tonight was the season premiere of America's Next Top Model and Make Me a Supermodel!

On Top Model, tryouts were held this year at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, giving the first week a theme of “Greek goddesses” complete with golden crowns, white togas, and gladiator sandals. As usual, Tyra Bank’s larger than life personality was the star with her big eyes, flailing arms, and twisted expressions. It didnt take long for Tyra's "Mother Love" personality to come out, coaxing girls to break down in tears and tell their life stories. 18 year old Tahlia wowed the judges with her confidence when she showed up to auditions in her bathing suit exposing her body which was covered in burns she sustained in an childhood accident.

It was the usual cat fights and drama as, not soon after they moved into the house, the girls started to clash about where everyone was going to sleep, being that there weren’t enough beds for everyone.

Pretty much, there’s going to be a lot of gorgeous girls and a whole lot of drama! Some girls have already shown their short tempers as rough personalities and soft temperments clash. Freak outs and break downs WILL be had! You can expect the mean, over-confidant girl, the sweet girl, the girl that really shouldn’t be good but pulls off stunning photos, and the girl who looks like she’s going to win the whole season until the end when she starts to suck! I'm pretty sure I heard the phrase “I'm not here to make friends” uttered about seven times in this first episode!

On Make Me a Supermodel, some things are the same and a lot of things are different. This season it's 8 guys and 8 girls with Tyson Beckford as the guy’s mentor and supermodel Nicole Trunfio (in place of Nicki Taylor) there to help the girls along. The winner of the show will recieve $100,000, a one-year modeling contract and a pictorial in Cosmopolitan. In the first challenge, the model wanna-bees were instructed to pick partners... and then found out they would be photographed in a giant glass box, posing in an intimate portrait, wearing nothing but their underwear. This voyeuristic photo shoot got a whole lot more intense when the models realized they would to be suspended over New York City, exposing their intimate moment to passer-by’s. Branden, the lady’s man, got hot under the collar when all the guys and girls picked the up and he ended up with Chris, the androgynous boy, but still pulled off a good photograph. From the beginning, Caribbean boy, Sandhurst and confidant girl, Jordan Collin (aka Clark Kent), Chris, and Ken lagged behind. separated themselves from the pack as model leaders, while
Menonite model, Salome, won the glass box challenge and therefore earned a go-see with designer, Cathryn Malandrino as well as a bit of jealousy from the rest of the models in the house.
The models had a catwalk inspired by fashions of designers such as Alexander McQueen, Prada and Zac Posen. In the end, Ken, the big lug from the gym got sent home for his stiffness and lack of charisma. This season, there are a lot of really good looking models! Some of them had lots of obvious talent, while others didn’t really know what they were doing. I saw the previews for this season and it looks like its going to be really good! Lots of great photoshoots, awesome fashion, and of course lots and lots of friiiiiction!

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