Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SO! Did you hear that ya gurl Dora is getting the hook up?!
Evidently this new look wasn't supposed to be made public for a while, but money grubbing Barbie maker, Matel decided to spill the beans... and I think I'm pretty glad they've been spilled! Homegirl got some long weave, some collagen, one of those cute shirts that make you look preggers and a pair of purple leggings! Now she looks like she could work at hollister! The American dream. I mean, her bracelet and necklace tell me she still shops at Claire's for her accessories, but those blingin' earrings more than make up for it! Go ahead girl.

Many worried parents think this long haired chica might be a little too sexy for their young ones to watch, but if you ask me, the parents are perverts and this change couldnt have come any sooner! If I had to look at her little bowl-cut, Rhianna mini-do any longer, I was going to put a drill through my head. Sí, hago. In my humble opinion, as long as Jail-bait Dora isn't making amor dulce with her main squeeze, Diego, smoking pot, or getting pregnant on nick Jr, everyone should just chill out!

And speaking of pregnant before middle school, has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance to Miley Cyrus? Lets hope D doesnt go down the same path. Keep Dora in school and away from myspace.

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